School Vision 2019

  • We take ownership of our learning and aspirations so that we fulfil our unique potential;
  • We promote equality and respect so that we feel safe, looked after and valued;
  • We embrace challenge and change so that we have the confidence to broaden our horizons;
  • We improve and achieve through resilience and self-reflection so that we are role models within the local community and the wider world.



The following is a message from our school Vision Group:

Throughout the year the vision focus group, which includes staff and governors, worked with Vivienne Porritt to create a new school vision.

  • In November 2018, all staff and governors worked on identifying key points to include in the staff vision.
  • In January 2019, the PALs and a student focus group worked on the vision and values, which was then reviewed in February by the vision focus group.  We made decisions about what we felt reflected the ethos of our school, as well as thinking about key priorities.
  • The staff meeting in March allowed time for staff to evaluate the vision and offer suggestions.
  • Since then, the focus group has met frequently to distil the outcomes of all the consultations and drafted a list of vision and values.  The vision was presented at the SLT conference, where the final wording was agreed.
  • A student voice on the new school vision in May provided great food for thought and helped the focus group to see how the vision will look in practice.  The suggestions from students have started to be actioned immediately within the school.  The vision was also presented to the governors at a Full Governing Body meeting.
  • In October we liaised with middle leaders during CTLM on how we will best communicate the new school vision to all staff.  All middle leaders are now actively addressing our school vision and values in their MERs (improvement plans).
  • Following up from this meeting, the vision group recently spent time thinking about how to realise our new school vision within our subjects and across the school.  We have involved students in presenting in assemblies on school vision themes and have reviewed the effectiveness of whole school and departmental planning.

We look forward to sharing and all staff implementing the vision, in and around the school.

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