Welcome to the website for Little Ilford School. I have the great privilege of being the Headteacher of a school that has been rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. The new Progress 8 measure shows that we add a substantial amount to our students’ results when their progress is compared to the progress of similar students nationally (+0.44 of a grade, up from +0.22 last year). This is the main measure by which schools are compared nationally.

The percentage of our students who achieve grades 4-9 in both English and maths is 67%. We are proud of our students’ achievements in the English Baccalaureate subjects (English, maths, double science, history/geography and a modern foreign language), where our average point score is 4.44. Eleven of our students gained a grade 9 in maths. 43% of our French GCSE students gained grades 7-9

Our stated aim is ‘Learning Together, Achieving Together, Succeeding Together’. The 2012 Ofsted Report stated that “The quality of teaching over time is outstanding. High expectations and challenging targets result in teachers having a thorough understanding of the performance of students.” Our curriculum is carefully tailored to the needs of our students and provides a wide range of opportunities for all, both within and beyond the formal school day. Our Debating Group won the London Debate Mate Cup in 2017 and our year 9 team came third in the Mayor’s Maths Challenge the same year. Our students won one of the grants from the Mayor’s fund in the City Pitch competition of 2018,

As the Head, I am well aware of my responsibility to ensure that all students have the opportunity to grow and develop into well-educated young citizens, capable of continuing their education long after they leave school and achieving success and fulfilment in life. Indeed, our students raised £4,600 in a sponsored walk for Abdullah Aid to support Syrian refugees. Our prospectus and website tell part of our story. If you would like to visit our school as a prospective parent, member of the community or a former student, please call us.


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