4 September – 19 December 2020

Timings of the school day from Monday 7th September 2020

Year Group

Entry & exit point from school

Window of time to enter the school

Normal finishing time

Extended day for form time in Week A

7 Rectory Road 8.15-8.25 2.10


Friday - finish at 2.50




Browning Road 8.30-8.40 2.30 Tuesday - finish at 3.00



Church Road 8.45-8.55 2.40 Wednesday - finish at 3.00



Church Road 8.15-8.25 2.10 Thursday - finish at 2.50



Browning Road 8.15-8.25 2.20 Monday - finish at 3.00


Once students enter via their designated school gate, they will be directed to their designated line-up points. Students in the Complex Needs and ASD groups should enter school through the Rectory Road entrance as before. These students will arrive by 8.30 and leave at 3pm as usual. Year 7 Complex Needs and ASD students will start on Thursday 3rd of September and the rest will start on Friday 4th.
Please note that the first full week of school (beginning on the 7th September) will be Week B on the timetable

Lesson times by year group


Uniform should be worn as usual

  • There is no specific need to wash the uniform every night other than as required for usual hygiene practice.
  • Any missing uniform will be sanctioned by a detention in the usual way.
  • If students have PE, they should wear PE kit to school on that day to avoid changing in the changing rooms.

Letter to parents re September term arrangements


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