Having taken into account the views of students, staff and parents, and with the approval of the School Governors, from September 2018 it will be compulsory for all students in to wear the following uniform:

This will consist of:

· a black school blazer with a Little Ilford badge on the pocket and red piping around the lapel

· a new tie which will be a different colour for each year group

· an optional headscarf with coloured braid which will also match the allocated year group colour of the student

· Students will keep the same year group colour throughout their time at the school, so there will be no need to buy a new tie or headscarf each year.

We strongly recommend that you place your order for the new uniform as soon as possible so that it will be ready in September.  If the blazer doesn’t fit your child in September, the uniform suppliers will exchange it for the correct size free of charge.

When you place your order you will need to pay a small deposit to secure your order, and will be contacted when the items are ready for collection from the suppliers.  The price of the blazer will be £25.00 and the ties would normally be £5.00; but for this year only will be given free of charge to all students ordering a blazer.

The uniform suppliers are:

Ian Howard                                     Fashion Stop
409 Barking Road                           138 High Street North
East Ham                                         East Ham
E6 2JT                                             E6 2HT
Tel: 020 8472 1729                         Tel: 020 8552 3200

· Every other item of the uniform will remain the same so the existing rules will still apply:

· School jumpers may be worn beneath the new school blazer but it is optional

· Black trainers are not acceptable as shoes and wearing them will result in behaviour points.

· Students MUST NOT be wearing sporty tops/tracksuits/hoodies/sweatshirts, etc. as outdoor coats - these will be confiscated.

· Body-warmers are NOT to be worn instead of school jumpers.

· During warm weather periods students are entitled to wear their uniform without jumpers, but must not wear other jackets or jumpers instead of their school jumper. Shirts must be tucked in and ties tied to the top.

· Jewellery should not be worn in school.  The only exceptions are

· Watches

· Stud earings

· Small sleepers

· Religious pendants

Any other jewellery may be confiscated

· All infringements of the uniform code will result in behaviour points accrued

· Next year’s Year 11 will not need to wear a blazer but MUST wear a jumper

· Ankle length jilbab and school trousers underneath

Uniform is a high priority as regards our high expectations of our student community.

If a student does not have the correct shoes (for whatever reason – a note from the parents/carer must be provided in their diary and dated) the Pastoral team will provide plimsolls for the student/s to wear for that day. Students will NOT be allowed to wear their black trainers while they are waiting to buy their new shoes or get their school shoes repaired. If the student refuses to wear the school provided plimsolls/tie/jumper etc. then the student will have to spend the day in the Reflection room.

In the same way the school will provide a tie, which must be returned at the end of the day. Students NOT in the correct uniform will be sent to their Pastoral team and a behaviour point will be logged and parents will receive a phone call/text message.

If there are any financial concerns then parents/carers need to speak to the relevant Pastoral team.


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