CPD at LIS takes an action research approach to professional development. All members of staff focus on an aspect of their practice which they want to improve and attend a course which is suited to their needs.

Staff identify a group of students whose progress could be improved by using the strategies from their chosen course. The course tutor facilitates the learning, ensuring that staff members systematically reflect on the impact on the group of students. Together with collaborative planning, peer review and peer observation, members of staff develop expertise in their chosen area and apply their learning in the classroom.

This year we have worked with the research organisation CUREE to refine and develop the way we evaluate our CPD, ensuring it has the maximum impact on pupil progress and learning.

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CPD is extremely popular and highly rated by members of staff. We regularly welcome visitors from other schools who have heard or read about our good practice and want to see our CPD sessions in action. We are lucky to draw on the expertise of our T&L team who deliver the CPD sessions to a very high standard.

Here is a list of the sessions offered this year ....

If you would like to read more about CPD at LIS please read the following article published in the SSAT Sunday Supplement https://www.ssatuk.co.uk/blog/ring­in­the­new­cpd/


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