Extended writing, led by Izzazur Rahman/Samira Hakim

The CPD course provides both theory and practical strategies for meeting the needs of advanced bilingual learners. The strategies focus on enabling students to access and produce academic writing in a range of subjects. 


Sharing good practice, skills, techniques and AFL in Art, led by Annabell Owen

Category: Pedagogy and Assessment for Learning 

A skill sharing, year-long CPD that allows the Art department to build on good practice. Teachers will be able to widen their technical skills and develop new projects to enhance the experience and progress of all Art students at Little Ilford.


Lead Practitioner Accreditation - SSAT certified, led by Jack Denham/Rebecca Hamid/Kate Chadwick

A rigorous process of self-reflection and evaluation, Lead Practitioner Accreditation improves the individual’s professional skills and expertise.
Typically, practitioners get started by using the LP framework to develop small scale research projects that impact on students’ learning. 
If you have decided that leadership of learning, rather than system leadership, is your chosen career path, the Lead Practitioner Accreditation programme provides a structure that enables you to develop and flourish.
Resource: https://www.ssatuk.co.uk/cpd/teaching-and-learning/lead-practitioner-accreditation/ 


Challenge, led by Beth Hickling-Moore/Hasan Derya/Mohammed Ali Khan

A research-led course enabling practitioners to develop a culture of challenge for all abilities and track the impact on their students
Resource: http://www.irisconnect.com/uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2018/01/The-research-Episode-5.pdf 


Effective Feedback, led by Alice Andrea/Avani Higgins

This CPD course enables practitioners to engage with the current research on assessment and formative feedback. By discussing effective feedback both in theory and in practice, practitioners collaborate to develop strategies that best help students to know how they are doing and how to improve. 


Teaching for Mastery: Maths Hub, led by Emily Curtis-Harper

This CPD group aims to:
- collaboratively develop an understanding of the principles of teaching for mastery, through observation, exploration, and collaborative planning & delivery.
- look at how teaching for mastery can shape our own practice and that of our peers, and to consider the impact on our students’ mathematical understanding and progress.
-  explore how a teaching for mastery approach can shape how we prepare pupils for the new GCSE.
Resource: https://www.youcubed.org/evidence/ 

Challenging High Attainers in English

Resource: http://www.slowteaching.co.uk/2018/01/26/teaching-top-challenge-collection/
Resources: Reading material Ron Berger: An Ethic of Excellence, Stephen Greenblatt: Tyrant, Mike Gershon: '50 quick ways to stretch and challenge more able students' ,  Alex Quigley: Closing the Vocabulary Gap


Impact of teaching scientific enquiry skills through practicals in science, led by Izzazur Rahman

This CPD course looks at the latest research for teaching practical Science effectively. The course has been tailored to meet the demands from the required practicals in the new curriculum.
Resources: EEF - Improving Secondary Science.  A Review of the Research on Practical Work in School Science Justin Dillon, King’s College London. Good practical Science - Gatsby

Memorisation and Recall, led by Sarah Butcher/Irfana Patel

This CPD course focuses on memorisation and recall. Is there a difference between the two? How does this impact teaching and learning based on your subject area? Explore and experiment strategies, and evaluate the effectiveness.  



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