Behaviour for learning coaching or BfL policy and case study - Rebecca Hamid/Jack Denham

Pedagogy & Pastoral 

How can we tackle low-level behaviour in and outside of class through empowering staff to use behaviour for learning strategies more consistently and effectively?

  • Underpinned by our ethos of educating 'The Whole Child', we will use our CPD course to discuss current government policy to strengthen our confidence in implementing the LIS BFL policy, trialling a range of methods to engage all learners and improve social interactions between staff and students across the school. 
  • The case studies will hopefully become a toolkit for future reference so that strategies are more visible and consistent, improving the learning environment for everyone.


Gender in the classroom - Kate Chadwick

Pedagogy & Pastoral 

  • Develop the skills and tools to create a learning environment where all students are able to thrive, regardless of gender expectations and stereotypes.
  • Acquire an understanding of gender as social construct, including exploring ideas about gender norms and gender stereotypes.
  • Understand the impacts of gendered and sexist language on young people of all genders
  • Feel confident meeting Ofsted Frameworks and legal requirements
  • Share best practice insights with other teacher and departments about challenging gender stereotypes
  • Create a Little Ilford School Gender policy


TA Strategies


  • To create strategies to successfully work with classroom teachers to support student progress.
  • To be confident and able to use ICT, including google classroom and Ipads as a way of sharing best practice and evidencing progress of targeted students.
  • To create and share best practice case studies that measure impact of TAs on student progress and confidence.
  • To establish a sharing platform and community amongst TAs and utilise individual strengths.


Innovation and challenge through curriculum design- Derya Hasan/Anita Lay

Pedagogy & Challenge 

  • To design an aspect of the curriculum that promotes innovation and challenge so that students’ learning is deepened and    broadened.
  • To implement a range of T&L strategies in the curriculum that provides a consistent diet of challenge for all students.
  • To undertake and share best practice case studies that will demonstrate impact in using challenging and innovative lesson sequences in the classroom.
  • To foster aspects of what constitutes outstanding teaching and learning in order to develop an innovative mini SOL sequence
  • To reinforce awareness of key aspects of the new OFSTED framework and how this may link to an effective SOL lesson sequence
  • To ensure that the SOL is in line with the new suggested frame work in  an innovative way which makes learning both challenging and enjoyable


HPA Challenge & Low attainers (challenge at all levels) - Beth Hickling-Moore/Ali Khan 

Pedagogy & Challenge 

This course is for teaching staff and middle leaders looking to embed Challenge strategies in their practice and within teams. 'Challenge' may apply to HPA students but also to any students that could be stretched further. 
We will look at a range of strategies and share best practice, using pedagogical research to pursue a line of enquiry which will help to embed the school's priority of HPA learners & Low attainers (challenge at all levels).

  • Develop the skills and tools to create a learning environment in which all students are resilient, independent and embrace challenge
  • Acquire an understanding of how to undertake academic research and apply this to a pedagogical hypothesis or research question
  • Understand what makes good success criteria and evidence
  • Create and share best practice case studies that measure the impact of HPA and challenge strategies in the classroom. Explore strategies for Low attainers and to challenge students. 
  • Embed challenge strategy across the school in line with the whole school priority of challenge for the most able


Memory, recall and revision - Sarah Butcher/Irfana Patel

The theory and practice of the science behind the learning process.

The aim of this CPD is to focus on memory, recall and revision in line with and in response to demanding curriculum changes . The course aims to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of current GCSE specification requirements and demands
  • Acquire an understanding of memory and recall theory (Interleaved practice, retrieval practice, dual coding, elaboration, spaced practice) and practice 
  • Develop memory and recall enhancing pedagogy through the application and evaluation of strategies.
  • Embed successful memory and recall strategies within GCSE schemes of learning 
  • Create a Little Ilford School Memory and Recall Strategy Toolkit in order to share best practice 


Assessment and feedback - Alice Andrea 

Category: Assessment 

This CPD course aims to collaboratively develop an understanding of what effective feedback looks like and enables practitioners to engage with the current research on assessment and formative feedback. By discussing effective feedback both in theory and in practice, practitioners collaborate to develop strategies that best help students to know how they are doing and how to improve.

  • Participants can identify and understand the principles that underpin effective feedback
  • Participants become familiar with the recent literature on assessment, and experiment with strategies that boost student progress
  • Participants evaluate the success of different strategies and plan how to embed them in our pedagogy 


Coaching students to close the gap between performance and potential - Anabelle Lebreton 

Category: Leadership

  • Develop the skills and tools to create a reflective environment where all students can achieve their potential.
  • Acquire an understanding of coaching and its benefits.
  • Create and share best practice case studies to measure the impact of coaching.
  • Embed coaching as a tool to support students at Little Ilford school.


Developing Leadership- Fahima Munshi 

Are you ready for a challenge?

  • Do you want to develop yourself as a leader but feel you are not yet ready for the NPQML/SL/LP?
  • Do you want to challenge yourself and have amazing ideas, but just don’t have the time to implement them?
  • Do you want some time to reflect upon yourself as a practitioner and a leader?   

Then this is the perfect course for you!

We will be exploring the 3 areas for effective leadership; understanding yourself (emotional intelligence), understanding leadership (the different styles of leadership, competencies and how to influence others) and understanding the context (vision and how to overcome resistance to change). We will also be exploring how to lead and influence others.  
You will be carrying out a small (or big!) case study where you will have the opportunity to put what you have learned about leadership into practice. 
Want to know more? Come and see me in room 311!

An opportunity to reflect on your own practice as a leader and a practitioner

  • Explore the areas of effective leadership and put them into practice
  • Develop your leadership skills 
  • An opportunity to provide evidence for further Professional Development opportunities e.g. NPQML/SL and the LP
  • To challenge yourself!



Inspiring Women Programme (ELEYSP)- External CPD Program Led by Kaizen Primary School

The Inspiring Women programme is a 6 month programme for women teachers/leaders and we particularly welcome women who are pregnant and/or on maternity leave.
Inspiring Women will support participants to:

  • boost their confidence
  • engage with successful women and how they lead
  • shadow a successful woman leader
  • develop leadership skills and behaviours
  • explore sustainable leadership careers
  • develop application and interview skills
  • engage with the London #WomenEd community
  • be part of the #WomenEd global network of women leaders in education.

During a combination of whole day and twilight sessions participants will be supported to reflect on their own ambitions, whilst building connections and networks to other aspiring and inspiring women leaders and living the #WomenEd motto, 10% Braver!

NPQML: The National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership (NPQML)- External CPD Program  Led by UCL

Are you a current or aspiring middle leader with leadership responsibility?

A nationally accredited course for new or aspiring middle leaders. Middle leaders have an essential role in translating the school’s vision into practice and are often described as the ‘engine room’ of school improvement. Outstanding schools have high-quality middle leaders and seek to continuously develop and build these individuals into high-performing teams.   This course offers a selection of modules which enable delegates to learn the foundations of successful leadership. The modules cover the key middle leadership responsibilities. 
10 course modules for delivering the foundations of successful leadership. These modules cover all the key middle leadership responsibilities.   SRA is part of the team delivering this course. Content covered:

  • Managing Resources and Risks
  • Strategy and Improvement
  • Working in Partnership
  • Teaching and
  • Curriculum Excellence
  • Leading with Impact
  • Increasing Capability

NPQSL: The National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL)- - External CPD Program  Led by UCL

Are you a current or aspiring senior leader with cross-school responsibilities?

The National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL) is an accredited course which supports the professional development of aspiring and serving senior leaders.  HMR is part of the team delivering this course with ELEYSP (East London Early Years and Schools Partnership).  Content covered: 

  • Managing Resources and Risks
  • Strategy and Improvement
  • Working in Partnership
  • Teaching and Curriculum Excellence
  • Leading with Impact
  • Increasing Capability

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