Friends of Little Ilford School (FLIS)

FLIS is Friends of Little Ilford School.  This is the forum for parents to learn about how they can support their child’s learning.  Throughout the year there is a programme of after school sessions run by teachers which help parents understand how learning takes place in LIS. We at LIS believe that greater involvement and an improved partnership between the school and parents leads to further success for our students. 

 At the same time, FLIS provides a forum for parents to express their views, contribute to school initiatives and plan workshops to support and develop parenting skills. FLIS also develops community links and provides opportunities for the community to socialise and learn together.

For further information on future FLIS meetings click here.


The school works with a number of external organisations which enables us to expose our students to a range of activities, interests and experiences (during and outside of school), as well as supporting the families of our students and the wider community:

Manor Park Schools Community Partnership

Little Ilford School is part of the Manor Park Schools Community Partnership which includes many of its partner primary schools.
The aim of the group is to work towards breaking down barriers to learning for the students of Manor Park through system-wide improvements in practice resulting in higher outcomes for our young people. The schools work very hard to improve transition from nursery school through to secondary school. We work together on a range of projects, including the following:
* Teens and Toddlers
* Sporting Events
* Teacher Subject Groups (Maths, English and Science)
* The Commonwealth Youth Choir

Sheringham Nursery

Please visit the Sheringham Nursery website which gives general information and news about the nursery school and children’s centre. To view the website click here.
The specific programme of free activities for families with a child under 5 is given on the Children’s Centre homepage. There is a new programme every term.

ELBA (East London Business Alliance)

Little Ilford School is currently working as a partner school with the East London Business Alliance (ELBA).  ELBA builds the connection between businesses and local communities, bringing the time, skills and resources of the private sector, to help build the capacity of local organisations, support young people in education and place people into employment in London.
The Business Education for Schools (BES) programme at ELBA brings together professionals from City and Canary Wharf companies to develop the employability skills of students, offering young people the opportunity to discover and develop; empowering them with the skills and competencies needed to secure the education, training and careers they aspire to.
Twitter: @our_elba
Instagram: ourelba  


East London Early Years and Schools Partnership

ELEYSP is a network of 21 nursery, primary, special and secondary schools which works in partnership with organisations and Teaching School Alliances across London and the UK. 






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