Thursday 25th AUGUST 2022 is the date the GCSE Results will be issued.

The arrangements for that day are as follows:

  • From 9.30am students will be able to come into school via the main entrance in Rectory Road and then come into the dining hall.
  • You will then have to line up at your form group desk, give your name and sign for your results.
  • Please arrive before 12.00pm.
  • Any student not collecting their results on 25TH August will be unable to obtain them until the start of the autumn term, unless they have left a stamped addressed envelope with the Exams Officer.

If you are not able to come into school to collect your results you must do the following:

  1. Complete the Clearance Certificate as normal.
  2. When handing in your clearance form to Mrs Pascal, hand in a stamped addressed A4 envelope.
  3. Ensure that your Candidate Number is written on the top left hand corner.

One envelope will be sufficient as all your results will be put in the same envelope


GCSE/ Post Results Information

This information sheet is to answer any queries that may arise from your statement of results. 

All reviews of marking/enquiries will be dealt with from Monday 5th September 2022.

Enquiries about results - (EARs)

Any student who wants to query a mark/grade awarded by an Awarding Board upon issue of results should:

  1. Contact the Examinations Officer and the subject teacher as soon as possible (but at least FIVE working days before the published deadline for EARs) in person to discuss the mark/grade. The Examinations Officer will advise on the options available to query the mark/grade and the costs involved
  2. Students should be aware that EARs can result in the marks/grades being raised, confirmed or lowered. Students must sign a consent form to confirm that they understand the consequence of an EAR. Consent forms will be issued by the Examinations Officer.
    The subject teacher will review the student’s marks/grades and discuss with the Head of Department to agree on the appropriate action taking into account the breakdown of marks, the grade boundaries and the student’s predicted grades.If the Department agrees to support the EAR, the Department will make a request, together with the students consent form to the Examinations Officer before the published deadline for EARs. The cost of the enquiry will be met by the departmental budget.
    If the EAR is successful the fee will be refunded.
    If the Department does not agree to support the EAR, a student may appeal against the decision not to support an EAR. Appeals should be made in writing to the Examination Officer, at least 5 working days before the published deadline for EARs. The appeal should state, in detail, the reason(s) for the appeal. This appeal should be signed, dated and should include the daytime contact telephone number and email address (if possible) of the student, parent or carer. The appeal information will be reviewed by the Examinations Officer and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. The outcome of the appeal will be communicated by telephone, email or 1st class letter post as appropriate within 24 hours of receipt. The decision is final.
    If the Centre does not support the EAR the student may still proceed with the EAR but ALL costs involved will be paid by the student at the time the EAR is made. NO EARs will be made until fees are paid. Requests must be made in person to the Examinations Officer before the published deadline for EARs. If the enquiry is successful the fee will be refunded to the student. 
  3. Outcomes following EARs will be forwarded by the Examinations Officer to the student as soon as they have been received from the Awarding Boards.

Enquires About Results (EARS) 

Whilst Little Ilford makes all efforts to check through examination results and identifying anomalies that might need further investigation, the onus still remains on the candidate to initiate the process of review of marking. Indeed, regulations prohibit the school from submitting a review of marking request without first obtaining the permission of the candidate themselves. 

Review of Marking

If you are very close to a grade boundary, it may be worth requesting a review of marking. There are two enquiry options:  

  1. A clerical re-check – This process entails checking for mistakes in the administrative process. 
  2. A review of marking of the script – This process entails an experienced examiner to recheck the marking carried out of the candidate’s exam paper (script) and determine if the marking was carried out accurately.  A new result will then be submitted.

It is important to note that if you request a review of marking, the new result will stand – even if it is lower than the original result. You will be required to sign a form to say that you understand that your mark and possibly grade can go down, go up or remain the same. 

N.B. Requesting a review of marking does not mean that your examination script is returned. 

Candidates with concerns regarding their exam results should discuss and seek advice from their parents/carers and relevant Heads of Department. Should you decide to go ahead with a review of marking, please complete a review of marking request form. The cost of the review of marking will vary depending on the subjects and type of paper.  All information is attached.

If an enquiry is to be made, then the school must handle all requests to exam boards. Exam Boards will not deal directly with candidates or parents.

Enquiries must be realistic 

Please have a look carefully at your overall marks and grade boundaries published by exam boards before submitting any remarks. The chance of grades changing diminishes with distance from a particular grade boundary. That is, if your overall marks from all examined units is not close to the published grade boundary, then the chance of grade amendment is minimal and requesting a remark is unrealistic and a waste of money.


The review of marking deadline is Friday 16th September 2022.  Requests will NOT be accepted after this date.

All post result service (EAR) must be requested through the Exams Office.  Failure to submit your request through the correct route may result in your remark not being processed. No EAR can be processed without a signature. 

All candidates must sign the enclosed declaration.  No remarks will be accepted without this.

Checklist before handing in EAR’s

  • Ensure all information on the EAR form has been completed
  • Attached a signed copy of the declaration confirming that you understand that the mark may go up as well as down
  • Ensure that you have checked the review of marking with the relevant Head of Department
  • When asked to do so, make the payment via ParentMail to cover the cost of the review of marking









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