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Ms Hardiman

Curriculum Team Leader

Ms Oseni


Ms R. Begum


Mr. P. Kennedy 


Ms K Wall


The Literacy Intervention Team works within English to deliver the English curriculum to Nurture Groups at KS3.

KS3: Students in Nurture groups are identified through a range of criteria as needing to work in a smaller classroom setting to support their growth and progress. These students will be working at Developing and below. Students’ progress will be reviewed termly to ensure that those who have become more independent and confident  readers and writers can be transitioned to larger English Classes. 


KS4: The Literacy intervention Team currently teaches Study Plus. Students will take one less option in order that they may receive extra support for their English GCSE. We then support them to access the English and English Literature GCSE Curriculum through Study Plus. Curriculum content is mirrored from English and tailored to meet the needs of individual students.


The Literacy Intervention Team teaches the English curriculum using a variety of approaches to ensure that our students can access curriculum content with confidence, working towards independence in reading and writing and supporting them to become articulate thinkers, writers  and talkers. 


Reading Intervention at KS3 - LEXIA Power Up Literacy programme


KS3: Individual students who identified as being approximately 18 months below their reading age are supported with an intensive 12 week reading intervention programme. These students are supported in small groups to use a variety of approaches including Lexia to improve their reading age. Facilitated by the Literacy Intervention Team to foster a thirst for reading as they become young adults.



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