EMA is taught by:

Ms Hardiman Curriculum Team Leader
Mr Dedja KS3 Coordinator (MPA responsibility)
Ms Oseni HLTA
Ms Wilkinson HLTA
Ms Wall  

Study Plus (September 2017)

Students who are not born in the UK,who are new to English and have been in the country for 5 years or less will be in Study Plus to support their acquisition of English.

Study Plus provides intervention and support to enable students to access the English curriculum and to make progress, ensuring that their writing becomes fluent and engaging.  Study Plus is timetabled.

SEN Study Classes

In Year 7, 8 and 9 study classes are provided to students on the SEN register with support to access the English curriculum.  These classes are becoming the responsibility of the SEN department.

Support Strategies


In Years 7 and 8 we shall study 6 units designed to improve English skills. Each unit will focus on developing reading and writing skills alongside analysing a range of literary styles, including poetry and other examples of classic literature. Our aim is prepare all learners for the rigours of GCSE whilst developing transferable skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

With ‘assessment without levels’ all assessments in Study Plus are now measured against challenge mountain skills which link into both the national curriculum and GCSE English [see English Department Curriculum].

Throughout all of the Key Stage 3 our S+ curriculum will allow learners to:

  • develop the habit of reading widely and often
  • read fluently, and with good understanding, a wide range of texts from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, including literature and literary non-fiction as well as other writing such as articles and reviews
  • read and evaluate texts critically and make comparisons between texts
  • read in depth, critically and evaluatively, so that they are able to discuss and explain their understanding and ideas
  • summarise and synthesise information or ideas from texts
  • use knowledge gained from wide reading to inform and improve their writing
  • write effectively, coherently and analytically using Standard English accurately
  • use grammar correctly and punctuate and spell accurately
  • acquire and use a wide vocabulary, including the grammatical terminology and other literary and linguistic terms they need to criticise and analyse what they read.
  • read a wide range of classic literature fluently and with good understanding, and make connections across their reading
  • appreciate the depth and power of the English literary heritage


At KS4 we work closely with English to deliver the curriculum required for GCSE English Language and Literature. Please read the English KS4 Curriculum Content and Aims to support your understanding of the exams.

In Study Plus we support students by introducing them to a wide range of nineteenth and twentieth century texts for English Language. We break down questions and practise the skills required to support students’ resilience and independence in the examinations; providing them with strategies to understand the text and answer successfully.

We also provide support for English literature, ensuring that what they learn in the lessons is reinforced and practised.

A range of differentiated support material for literature and language is provided. Students are guided to further accessible support material.

For students who cannot access the complexity of GCSE we are trialling Step Up Level Silver and Gold.  Our first cohort will take the exam this summer (2019).  Students are tested on a range of skills using texts that are accessible to their level.

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