Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) is co-ordinated by:

Ms M Vaquera (Assistant Head Teacher/Spanish and French Teacher)

Our vision:

“To build a better future for myself by becoming a responsible, respectful and active citizen and making positive decisions about my wellbeing.” 


How will I do this?

  1. By exploring how fundamental British Values shape modern Britain.

  2. By exploring concepts of identity.

  3. By exploring topical national and global issues.

  4. By exploring the challenges of creating a happy and successful adult life.

  5. By exploring how to build high levels of self-efficacy. 


What is RSHE about?

  • Relationships Education: How to build and maintain healthy and happy relationships.


  • Sex Education: Learn the facts and the law about sex, sexuality, sexual health and gender identity. 


  • Health Education: How to keep fit and healthy, and look after their mental and physical wellbeing.  


Today’s children and young people are growing up in an increasingly complex world and living their lives seamlessly on and offline → We want our pupils to know how to be safe and healthy, and how to manage their academic, personal and social life in a positive way. 


Why do we teach RSHE?

Helping young people prepare for challenges; our pupils are trying to make sense of the pandemic and trying to catch up on lost learning opportunities. 


Equip our pupils with the knowledge, skills and values that they will need to stay healthy and safe. 


Help our pupils to become happy and successful adults who can make a meaningful contribution to society.



Parents will not be able to withdraw their child from any aspect of Relationships Education or Health Education.


Parents will be able to withdraw their child (following discussion with the headteacher) from any or all aspects of Sex Education, other than those which are part of the science curriculum, up to and until three terms before the age of 16. The deadline for this is Friday 8th March 2024.


After that point, the guidance states that ‘if the child wishes to receive sex education rather than be withdrawn, the school should make arrangements to provide the child with sex education during one of those terms.’


Where pupils are withdrawn from sex education, schools should document the process and will have to ‘ensure that the pupil receives appropriate, purposeful education during the period of withdrawal.’


How are the students assessed?

  • At the end of every term, students complete a multiple choice quiz on the topics they have learnt.

  • They self-assess the answers and give themselves a score, which is recorded by the form tutor on Go4School.

  • On the same quiz, students rate their progress and identify the skills they have learnt.


How parents/ carers can support their child:

  • Speak to your child about what they have studied in RSHE [topic list can be found on the website]

  • Ask your child if they have any questions about what they have learnt.

  • Go over the topic list and discuss any topics with your child.

RSHE is taught in Registration and if you have any concerns - please refer them to Ms M. Vaquera-Mosquero or your child's Pastoral Achievement Leader

Useful websites:

During lessons, students will be given websites they can access for further information or support. 



Ms M. Vaquera-Mosquero




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