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Mr P Singh KS4 & Intervention Coordinator
Mr M Ahmed KS3 Co-ordinator
Mr H Derya Teaching & Learning Coach
Ms H Choudhury Transition Coordinator
Ms E Curtis-Harper SLT & Maths Teacher
Ms F Sharif Maths Teacher
Mr F Hoque Maths Teacher
Mr R Miah Maths Teacher
Miss R Begum Maths Teacher
Mr N Khan Maths Teacher
Mr A Mohamed Maths Teacher
Ms T Yasmin Maths Teacher
Ms A Teladia Maths Teacher
Miss Z Nure HLTA
Mrs L Green HLTA


The curriculum has been developed to help build confidence in mathematics and prepare students for the new GCSE. At Little Ilford School we aim to cater for pupils of all prior attainments. These courses focus on problem-solving and mathematical reasoning skills. Students are given the opportunity to build on the skills learnt at primary school and are kept informed of their progress through learning checks, regular assessment and feedback.
The aims and objectives in Mathematics are to enable students to: 

  • develop fluent knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical methods and concepts 
  • acquire, select and apply mathematical techniques to solve problems 
  • reason mathematically, make deductions and inferences, and draw conclusions 
  • comprehend, interpret and communicate mathematical information in a variety of forms appropriate to the information and context.

At Little Ilford School we study GCSE Edexcel Maths 1MA1

Where will it take me? 

Maths is for everyone. It is essential to everyday life, critical to science, technology and engineering and necessary for financial competence. It is diverse, engaging and essential in equipping students with the right skills to reach their future destination, whatever that may be. All college courses, apprenticeships and jobs require GCSE Maths and most require at least a grade 4. With the competitive environment that exists today, all pupils should try to achieve the best grade they possibly can.

What will I learn? 

You will study all of the Maths specification which fits into the broad topics of: 
• Number 
• Algebra 
• Ratio, Proportion & Rates of Change 
• Geometry & Measures 
• Probability • Statistics

Our five year plan can be found below

Maths Five Year Plan


How will I learn? 

You will learn through direct teaching in the classroom with opportunities to work in groups and have exam practice. You will also learn through online and independent study and homework.


You can expect weekly homework which will take a range of forms including online assignments and paper booklets to complete. These must always be done to the best of your ability; sub-standard work will not be accepted.

Additional information 

GCSE Maths has a Foundation tier (grades 1-5) and a Higher tier (grades 4-9). Students must take three question papers at the same tier. There will be two calculator papers and one non-calculator paper. All papers will include a mix of question styles, from short, single-mark questions to multi-step problems. The mathematical demand increases as a student progresses through the paper. For all question papers, students are expected to have mathematical instruments available for use in the exam. These instruments are defined as: pencil (for use in diagrams only), ruler, pair of compasses, protractor. A calculator is required for use in two out of the three papers. It is essential for any student to have a scientific calculator which they are familiar with in lessons and in the exams. 

More information regarding the GCSE can be found at this link

How parents/carers can support their child

Ensure students are

  • Completing online and written homework
  • Encourage children to solve problems when at home
  • Create a revision timetable and ensure that they adhere to it

Possible Careers

GCSE Mathematics course will provide excellent skills to continue studies in Mathematics to A Levels.

Examples of careers with Mathematics include:

  • Engineer
  • Doctor
  • Accountant
  • Investment analyst
  • Lecturer/teacher
  • Meteorologist
  • Statistician
  • Actuary
  • Surveyors
  • Astronomer

Useful Websites

Access to online courses and textbook

Login: same as school login, Password: littleilford

Username: student school login followed by @littleilford, Password: littleilford

Mathswatch is an online programme which gives students access to videos and practise questions with answers for the full mathematics curriculum. Teachers are also able to set homework through Mathswatch

Mathswatch is an excellent resource for:

  • Researching a topic before a lesson
  • Reinforcing knowledge from class
  • Revising for exams
  • Catching up with work after absences

Name of person in the Maths Department who parents can contact if they need more information about the syllabus:

Mr A Rahman (Head of Maths)
Mr P Singh (KS4 Coordinator)

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