Joan Sallis, who is an expert on school governors, wrote "All important decisions about the school are made by or in consultation with the governors." And she's right. So the governors at Little Ilford take the big decisions about the school - like appointing the Head Teacher - and are involved in so many more.

Governors have to approve the school budget, approve the curriculum and ensure the school is meeting its legal obligations on issues such as equality and discipline. Mind you we don't have to do it on our own, there is a lot of support from the council and training is available. Governors are also involved in disciplinary issues - such as exclusions, or very rarely staff discipline - but more happily are there to celebrate the school's successes, academically, artistically or in the many other areas at the school where success is found.

At Little Ilford governors have traditionally played a big role in helping to develop new policies and ways of working, such as the soft federation link-up we have with a number of local primary schools. Governors play a crucial role in the success and direction of the school through supporting and questioning the senior management.

Governors are drawn from all sections of the Little Ilford family - parents, members of the local community, council appointments, the Head, teachers and other members of the school staff. If you are interested in becoming a governor at the school, or would like more information about what being a governor entails, please write to the chair, Simon Mares, at the school via email


Name & Positions

Governor Type

Mr Simon Mares
Chair, NPW Delegated Attendee (reserve) G&T, English
Co-opted Governor
Ms Rebecca Hemming
Vice-Chair; Governors' Training Link/CPD, Library, Science, PPG
Co-opted Governor
Ms Peg Probett
Govs Forum Representative; Inclusion; D&T
Co-opted Governor
Ms Caroline Selman
Safeguarding; Looked After Children; Careers & Aspirations
Co-opted Governor
Mr Ian Wilson
Head Teacher (Member)
Head Teacher
Mr Ian Powell
NPW Authorised representative; MPSCP;Drama
Authority Governor
Ms Kate Chadwick
Curriculum & Policy
Staff Governor
Mr Misbah Hoque
Staff Governor
Mr Naresh Bhudia
Parent Governor
Ms Shamim Patel
Parent Governor
Ms Jessica Ugulini
Curriculum & Policy
Staff Governor
Ms Joyce Pascal
Finance, Personnel & Premises
Staff Governor
Ms Stephanie Achigbu
Co-opted Governor
Ms Flavia Tang
Co-opted Governor
Ms Yadveer Kaur Hothi Co-opted Governor (Parent)
Ms Sumaiya Rangrej Co-opted Governor (Parent)
Ms Frazana Patel Co-opted Governor (Parent)
Ms Rommana Choudhury Co-opted Governor (Parent)

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