Geography trip to Iceland 2017

Geography is taught by

Ms C Ogunsuyi CTL Geography
Ms C Ellerington Lead Practitioner, Geography
Ms J Ugulini Geography Teacher/PAL Year 9
Ms N Jones

Geography Teacher/Humanities Transition Coordinator

Curriculum Overview & Aims

The geography curriculum is designed to provide every child with the skills that will enable them to progress to the best of their ability. KS3 curriculum aims to develop in students a wonder and interest in the world they live in. The units consolidate students’ knowledge of their local area and introduce them to the wider world.

KS4 curriculum follows OCR B specification. KS4 Schemes of Learning aim to develop in students a deep understanding of the content and skills within the specification.


Curriculum Content & Aims

The Geography curriculum aims to develop in students a wonder and interest in the world they live in.  In KS3 students learn about the UK and other major countries in the world. Through the curriculum students develop an understanding of the different processes that interact to create distinctive landscapes around the world. The curriculum also aims to build in students' key geographical skills in map reading, analyses and interpretation of data. Field work is also an integral part of the curriculum.

Details of studies per year

In Year 7 students will cover a number of topics which include:

  • UK
    • Landscapes
    • Coasts
    • Weather and climate
  • Asia:
    • Physical aspects including biomes and tectonics
    • Population

In Year 8 students will focus on a number of places and study key geographical processes within them.  The places are:

  • India: 
    • Physical Geography
    • Urbanisation 
  • UK:
    • UK Employment
    • Urbanisation
  • The Middle East: 
    • Geographical Skills
    • Development


How are they assessed

Across KS3, there is regular use of formative assessment and an end of unit summative assessment.

Home learning (frequency and expectations)

Home learning is skills based during term times and project based in the summer holidays.  Students will carry out projects in the following areas: rock to soil, resources and Russia.

How parents/carers can support their child

Check SMHW for home learning and support students to complete their homework


Courses offered

GCSE Geography with OCR B

Curriculum content and aims

The department follows the OCR B. The aim is to develop in students a deep understanding of the content and skills within the specification.

Details of studies per year

Year 9

  • Global Hazards
  • Urban Futures
  • Changing Clmates

Year 10

  • Dynamic Development
  • Distinctive Landscape
  • UK in the 21st Century


Year 11

  • Sustaining Ecosystems
  • Resource Reliance

How are they assessed.

  • Exam practice questions in lessons
  • Spot test
  • Mini tests
  • Mock exam.

Home learning (frequency and expectations)

Home learning is given every other week. Students are expected to complete all home learning to a high standard and on time.  Home learning is revision focused.

How parents carers can support their child

Geography students are told to regularly do their revision as the content is extensive. You could support us in this by encouraging your child to use the websites below for revision.

There are CGP revision guides and workbooks available in the department for students to purchase and use as revision tools.

Possible Careers

There are a plethora of careers that you can go into through studying geography. Below are just a few of them:

Landscape architect Teaching
Economic advisor & analyst Surveyor
Environmentalist Construction or property lawyer
Remote sensing analyst Earth scientist
Weather forecaster  

Useful websites

How parents or other members of the public can find out more about the curriculum/syllabus:

Contact the geography department through the main office

Name of person in the Geography Department who parents can contact if they need more information about the syllabus: Ms Caroline Ogunsuyi.

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