Library – Reading

Welcome to Little Ilford School Library

Ms S Shaper - Librarian

Mrs N Nanu - Library Assistant

What you can do in the Library?

Take Books out

For two weeks at a time. You can also reserve so that you get it first when it comes back, or we can hold the book for 1 week only.

Read and enjoy books as well as Newspapers & magazines. These cannot be taken out of the library.


There are some books that cannot be taken out of the library. Books like encyclopaedias and dictionaries are reference only and if there is too much information to copy out by hand, you can photocopy what you need.

If you buy your own card, you can photocopy whatever you want, whenever you want. It’s also useful for copying exam papers, newspapers or magazine articles.

Use the Computers

Break & lunch— one year group only.

Student Librarians

Help out in the library. If you are interested in becoming one, then see the librarian.

What happens if…?

My books are late?

There are no fines on overdue books, however if your overdue books exceed one week then you will not be able to take out further books until your overdue books are turned.

I’ve lost or damaged my books?

You will have to pay to replace them. This is why you should never let your friends borrow books in your name, as you will be the one who has to pay for them if your ‘friend has lost them’.

I leave school?

You must return all your library books, otherwise you will not have your clearance form signed, and you will not receive any of your GCSE results.

Joining the Library

Everyone is automatically entered into the library computer system.


If you are in years 7 and 8 you can take two books out.

If you are in year 9 you can take three books out.

If you are in year 10 and 11 you can take four books out.

Books can be taken out for two weeks.

When is the Library Open?

  7:45am - 4:00pm
During School



Lesson time (with permission only)

What is in the Library?


  • Dual Language/Other Language books
  • Accelerated Reader books
  • Fiction/Non-Fiction Books
  • Career books & Information
  • Reference books
  • Key Stage 3 & 4 Study/Revision Guides


  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • A computerised catalogue of all the books in the library
  • You can use this system to search for books
  • A selection of stationary
  • Maths Text Books & Dictionaries
  • Calculators

Events in the Library

  • Governors Reading to Yr 7 students – Monday Lunchtime
  • Reading Clubs run during lunchtime– Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
  • Group Reading with Yr 8 students – Thursday Lunchtime
  • Literacy Quiz Games/Puzzles – Thursday Lunchtime
  • Book Clubs - Scholastic & The Book People.
  • The Big Read – Whole school reading
  • Reading Weeks – Competitions

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