Welcome to Little Ilford School Library

Mrs J Showunmi - Librarian
Mrs N Nanu - Library Assistant

Due to the current social distancing measures, students are not allowed to come into the library until further notice. However, students can still borrow books - just follow the instructions below

Instructions on using our online library facility

Borrowing Library Items

Students are strongly encouraged to borrow books, as reading widely has a positive effect on their studies and general wellbeing. Before you borrow books, please don't forget to browse or search which books are available on the Oliver platform and select those with green ticks. Once you have found the book, please complete this form and the library team will bring the book to you.

Each student is allowed to borrow up to 2 Fiction and 2 Non-Fiction physical books from the library (via Google form). Books can be loaned for 2 weeks and may be renewed if they are still required (except when there is a waiting list for those items). 

Taking responsibility

Students are responsible for looking after the items that they borrow.  In the event that any items are damaged, they will not be in trouble but will be expected to pay for the loss or damage. 

Finding an interesting book

We have a Library catalogue and booklists.  Books that are already out on loan can be reserved and the student will be placed on a waiting list.  
The Library team will be on hand to give advice and recommendations so please ask them.  They are also happy to receive suggestions for new books that students may like to see added to the library.

Little Ilford School has now subscribed to Wheelers ePlatform One eBook & Audiobook collection

Our eLibrary can be found here: https://littleilford.eplatform.co/
Login details: Username is your name and surname (firstname.surname) e.g. john.smith
Password is lis1 (you can change this once you have successfully logged in)

Apps link: https://littleilford.eplatform.co/help/apps/eplatform-app
Direct Link to app library: 
IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/eplatform-by-wheelers/id912668852
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eplatform.android.googleplay&hl=en
Windows: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/eplatform/9nblggh3z38k?activetab=pivot:overviewtab

Online Resources for Reading for Pleasure 

  • Overdrive* -  ebooks and audiobooks from Newham and other Public Libraries 
  • Audible Stories - a selection of audiobooks available for free, including literary classics, texts in French and Spanish, and much more. 
  • BorrowBox* - ebooks and audiobooks from Newham and other Public Libraries 
  • Project Gutenberg - ebooks of texts out of copyright 
  • PressReader*  - for Newspapers/magazines with your library card 
  • RBDigital* - for audio books/comics/magazines 
  • BookTrust Bookfinder  - find out about books in a wide variety of genres 
  • Goodreads - students can write their own reviews of books they have read, find book lists, take part in quizzes and discover new books to read 
  • Authorfy - videos about books, authors, writing and reading 
  • Guardian Long Reads - articles on a variety of topics 

*access with your library card or temporary membership log-in details

Online Resources for All Subjects — Year 7 to 11 

  • Khan Academy - cross-curricular resources 
  • Seneca - cross-curricular revision materials 
  • BBC Bitesize - revision across the curriculum 
  • Credo Reference - general reference source for quality research/study. Access also provided through Public Libraries.
  • The Week Junior/ First News -  newspapers for younger readers. Access provided through public Libraries 
  • TedEd - a curated version of TEDTalks for young learners
  • True tube - Award winning free resources for RE, PSHE & Citizenship 

Free Educational Games/Activities and Virtual Museum tours








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