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Little Ilford School’s Hardship Fund is aimed to help students who have financial difficulties to pay for things such as:

  • All items related to school uniform/PE kit.
  • Materials or equipment needed to study (e.g. subject revision booklets).
  • Emergency cost of travel or cost to attend work experience placement.
  • Educational visits organised by Little Ilford School.


You can apply for a grant if one of the following applies:

  1. Your child is living alone outside of the family unit.
  2. You receive one of these benefits:
    - Income support, Income-based job-seekers’ allowance, Child Tax Credit and your income is not more than £16,480 per year.
  3. You are receiving one of these benefits as your only source of income:  
    • Widowed Mother’s Allowances,
    • Incapacity benefit or
    • State pension credit.
  4. Your child is in receipt of free school meals, is or has been in care or classifies for PPG money.
  5. Your child has disabilities.
  6. Your child is in a family with very low income.

Little Ilford School will only consider applications if the above applies to you.  You may NOT be eligible for a Hardship Grant if you are in receipt of Working Tax Credit.

Please note: Concessions of grants are discretionary, once each case has been carefully analysed with all proof presented.  Grants can be given to cover either part or the full amount requested. In some cases, grants awarded do not need to be repaid.

Applications are made to the Head Teacher through your child’s Head of Year.


To apply for a Hardship Grant you must present the following together with your application form:

  1. A letter with proof of benefit that is not more than 6 months old.
  2. Proof of current family address.

Please note that the following are NOT considered as valid proof: bank statements, incapacity, housing and council tax benefits.

Letters of proof can be obtained from:

  • Inland Revenue Child Benefit Office (Tel: 0845 302 1444)
  • Inland Revenue Tax Credit (Tel: 0845 300 3900)
  • Jobcentre Plus (Tel: 0208 8682 8000)
  • Migrant Helpline (Tel: 0208 774 0002)

Please click here to access the Grant Application Form

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