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26 February 2020

What is Scholars’ Fortnight? - by Iqra in 7.3

Scholars’ Fortnight is an extracurricular activity organised by Ms Moore to expand students’ horizons.This includes many workshops that take place for the 2 weeks of Monday 27th January-Friday 7th February.These workshops take place across the school and every student is welcome!
Scholars’ Club is an inclusive club that inspires students to take part in different activities and makes students determined to achieve more than they think they can.

Why does Scholars’ Fortnight take place?

Scholars’ Fortnight takes place in order for students who are members of Scholars’ Club to be able to complete Strand 4 of their passport, which includes completing the Summer Term Project, regarding all the workshops they have attended.It also enables teachers, who are keen on teaching subjects that are out of the curriculum,to teach them.

Examples of Workshops:

  • Music in Times of Stress: Mr Wilson
  • You’re a poet and you don’t even know it!: Ms Kandola
  • Post Colonialism: Ms Jahan & Ms Begum
  • Writing BLOGS and Articles for the School Magazine/Website: Ms Chamberlain
  • P.E. Workshop: Mr Denman
  • Magical Realism in Mexican Literature: Ms Moore
  • Non-Fiction Workshop: Ms Showummi
  • Can Maths Predict The World?: Mr Seagull


George, from Yr 8:
"I enjoyed the P.E. Workshop the most but I also enjoyed all the other workshops"

Bobby, from Yr 8:
"I enjoyed all the workshops but I enjoyed the Magical Realism in Mexican Literature workshop the most"

Iqra, from Yr 7:
"I enjoyed all the workshops,especially Mr Seagull’s workshop,as it gave me a better understanding of a new way of how maths can solve real life problems."

Keyan, from Yr 7:
"My favourite workshop was the Non-Fiction Workshop as it gave me more knowledge of non-fiction books."

Ms Moore:
‘"I learnt many new things like post colonialism and probability,and I really enjoyed all the workshops,especially when teaching Mexican Literature as I don’t really get the opportunity to teach it.I would recommend all teachers hold a workshop next year" 

Mr Oloyede:
"I enjoyed teaching technology as an interest and not as a subject because I don’t really get the opportunity to teach technology when it isn’t exam-based.The students really enjoyed the workshop and I aim to hold a workshop for Yr 7’s and 8’s next year."

Posted by Cait Chamberlain on 26 February 2020

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