23 June 2018

The ongoing conflict in Syria has created a huge humanitarian crisis; half the country’s pre-war population, more than 11 million people, have been killed or forced to flee their homes. Families are struggling to survive inside Syria, or make a new home in neighbouring countries whilst harsh winters and hot summers make life as a refugee even more difficult.

In light of this, Little Ilford students decided to raise money to contribute to the relief effort by organising a sponsored walk from school to Parliament Square.  The journey took place on Saturday 23rd June 2018 and took almost five hours to complete and despite struggling towards the end, all the students made it back to school in time for the end of the Summer Fete, to rapturous applause from everyone.  They raised the incredible amount of £4,617.17 and Mr Shakil Malji, from the charity Abdullah Aid, was so impressed with their efforts that he came to the school in person to present a thank you certificate and banner.  A short video about how the money has been spent can be viewed on the link below. 



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