16 March 2020

Why it’s Important

Reading is vital to success in all subjects. In the English Tests and GCSE examinations, reading is assessed as a separate attainment target.

You should encourage your child to read:

Books, Magazines, Comics and Newspapers

Reading anything is better than reading nothing!

Think about how you choose books and use that knowledge and experience to guide your child. Suggest that they:

  • Look at the cover and read the description at the back (the blurb)
  • Select by author
  • Look at the size of the print
  • Ask a friend to recommend a good book
  • Choose a book from a series

As parents you can support your child’s reading progress in many ways.

  • Take an interest. Talk to your child about the books they are reading – you may discover something new about them.
  • If your child reads to you and doesn’t know a word, tell them what it is or check in a dictionary.
  • Buy your child a dictionary and encourage them to use it to check the meanings of new words 

Join a library, not just the school library. Local libraries are always willing to help young readers and families and often have reading-related events.


Once you have joined any of these libraries on line, you can start to use the online resources such as e-books immediately with your temporary registration number and password until the corona virus is over and then you can go into a local library (with the required proof of identity) to collect your membership card.

Audible is offering free audiobooks whilst the schools are closed. Click on the link https://stories.audible.com/discovery

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