Accessing RM Unify

We are aware that some students may be unable to access RM Unify and therefore not have access to DPR. This follows a planned certificate update.

To address the issue, in the first instance, please fully close your browser and attempt access again.

If this does not rectify the issue, then please clear your browser cache, including cookies. We have listed links to advice from the key browser providers on how to do this below:


Chrome: []

Edge: []

Safari: []

Internet Explorer: []


We would also advise mobile users to ensure you have the latest version of Microsoft apps installed, such as MS Teams. These can be updated via your Android / Apple store.


You can login to services directly e.g. for Google Classroom, go to:



To read this document in another language that is not listed, please request an interpretation through


Remote Learning Owing to Covid-19 at Little Ilford School 

If your child is absent from school owing to Covid-19 but is well enough to learn from home, please ask them to join the lesson remotely by going to their Google Classroom and join via the code. They can contact their teachers on the message function if they experience any issues. 


Homework will continue to be set on Satchel: One (SMHW) and Google Classroom. Please encourage your child to keep up with this work for the duration of their absence. 



If live lessons are applicable for your child:

  • Make sure they read over the instructions below to join live lessons.
  • Make sure they know all of the codes and login information for all of their Google Classrooms and Show My Homework.
  • Make sure they plan in advance and check the tech to avoid any last minute connectivity issues.
  • Make sure they understand that they will be removed if they misbehave and will not be able to log back in.
  • Make sure that they ask their teachers if they are having any problems.




Instructions on joining live lessons

If your child is having difficulty accessing live lessons, please check Google classroom for further information. If they are still having difficulties, please email  

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