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2 October 2019

This whole experience has been absolutely phenomenal. The journey has been incredible as we have learnt so many things about Black History Month that we were not even aware of. We willingly volunteered because we knew it would be a great opportunity and experience to educate others as well as ourselves and we were right, as our fellow students and us have learnt so many things and it shows! Two weeks ago we ran a quiz on general knowledge about Black History Month to every year group and had a tremendous turnout. The quiz had 10 questions, which were all multiple choice, and around 65% of students did considerably well on it. However, we approached the students who did poorly and informed them on the questions they didn’t do so well on and talked to them about the whole concept of Black History Month along with its significance in our community. Two weeks later, we asked the same students what they have learnt about Black History Month and all of them told us a variety of different things; which just shows that the information we gave them was embedded into their heads and this clearly broadcasts the impact of what we have accomplished this month.

Along with this, we have put together a presentation which we performed to almost every year group. The presentation consisted of a brief overview on what we believed Black History Month was about, which simply was the ideology of us all coming together as a community, as a school to help one another and stand up against any discrimination. We wanted to further reinforce to the students that we are all equal and we all have equal rights and to stand up for what we believe in.  We clearly demonstrated this through our continuous effort to try and get the message across. 

We explored and presented the theme of the ‘5 C’s’ which were: Community, Creativity, Compassion, Courage and Commitment. Overall, the whole experience was a great success as the students took part in many activities such as writing poems, attempting quizzes to increase their knowledge about Black History Month, taking part in a treasure hunt, posters and many more. This has taught us much more than we were expecting, it allowed us to immerse ourselves in different creeds for all aspects of this theme, most importantly it truly allowed us to understand the quote “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now” - Martin Luther King Jr.

By Nazifa and Alima- Year 11


Posted by Cait Chamberlain on 2 October 2019

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