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12 February 2020

Secondary YTA Stars Seminar

Three weeks ago the Youth Travel Ambassadors attended a Seminar at the headquarters of YTA. The aim of the Seminar was to equip the YTA’s with the skills and knowledge to facilitate a behaviour change campaign and to practise presenting to an audience.

At the seminar, several different schools attended and each prepared a different campaign. Our campaign was about the importance of cycling to school. During the seminar we did a quiz and other mini activities and  were given a portfolio to help guide us through our project.  We completed a timeline to show how we are going to plan the project and at the end of the session Sana, Ahmed, Hunny and Shaika gave a  presentation to the other schools and a special guest. At the very end, we were presented with awards for the previous project that last year’s YTA's did and we achieved a Gold Award!

The following week we had 'Healthy Schools Week' and organised lots of activities to promote healthy eating and exercise. During lunch, we set up stalls in the dining hall and asked the students and staff to fill out questionnaires and quizzes.  We also had a smoothie bike to create smoothies and at the end of the week we gave out samples of vegan burgers and falafels for the students to try.  

It was a great week!
Hafsa, 10.4

Posted by Cait Chamberlain on 12 February 2020

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